Sunday, February 3, 2008

to my wife Queen Muffin Pooh I love You always

I have been very lucky i have been married to the most incudlely boofuly sweet and loveing cat in the whole world for over 8 years She is my everything she is the frist thing i think of in the morning and the last thing i think about when i sleep. I love her more than anyfing in the whole world I be lost wiff out my Muffin. She is the Queen Behide this king!!!!!


Did You rise the sun for me
Or paint a million stars
That I might know Your majesty
As you mewo upon the wind

You taught me everything I've know
Marked with my Maker's your paw prints
Breathe on me
Let me see
Your wiskeres
Ever I will seek You'Cause all
You are is all I want,

Draw me close in
Your paw Oh Muffin
I wanna be with You

Can I feel
You in my paws
I would Abandon all I am
To have you Marrie me again
Let the earth resound with praise
Can You hear as all creation lives
To glorify you Name
Breathe on me

Let me see Your wiskers
Ever Iwill seek You'
Cause all I want

You are is all I want, always
Draw me close in to Your paws
Oh muffin ,I wanna be with you
I wanna be with You
I wanna be with You
I wanna be with You

How can I stand here with
You And not be moved by You
Would You tell me how could it be
Any better than this
You’re all I want
You’re all I need you my Everything
Your my evervthing Muffin

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Junior said...

Awwwww Mu Shue...that is so sweet!