Thursday, February 14, 2008

And the Winners are.....

Heer are the winners of my secund annual VD Contest!

The judges had a hard time pikking winners, so win in dowt, we awarded a few extra prizes by adding a cuppul of extra categories.

The judges were asked to judje using the following kryteeria:
  1. Originality
  2. Sentimint
  3. Did it make yoo blow milk owt yer noze?
  4. After looking at all the entreez, wich ones were the most memerabul?

Heer are hoo they pikt as prize winners:

Best Animated Valentine
Winner: Empress' Valentine to Chase

Va va va VOOOM!!!! Makes me wunt to rent sum I dreem of Jeenie episodes!


Honorable Menshun, Animated Valentine
Booger's Valentine to Eve

Honorable Menshun, Animated Valentine
Boo's Valentine to Captain Jack


Best Static Valentine
WINNERS (TIE): Merlin's Valentine to Kaze and Dragonheart's Valentine to Stella Both of the valentines that theeze two Sphinxies created were gorjuss and sweet and the judjes coodn't chooze beetween the two (altho Mao lobbied lowdly that Merlin shood be disqwalifide for going after sumwun hooze alreddy spoken for.) Becuz both theeze cats are frum the same creeative howsehold, we deesided to let them split the prize: a $25 gift sertifikit OR the sponsership of a Best Frends cat in thare names.


Honorable Menshun, Static Valentine:
Ollie's valentine to his dad. Sweet!!!!!


Most Popular AND Best Singer
WINNER: Daisy the Curly Cat's Valentine to Skeezix
Is thare anybuddy hoo wasn't blone away by Daisy's fenomenully grate singing??? Hers was also the most popular valentine, with the most comments. Daisy wins a $25 gift sertifikit OR the sponsership of a Best Frends cat in her name.


Best Purrsunuls Ad
WINNER: Kirara
Kirara is looking for a wite nite to save her frum the vishus fire-breething deer! Kirara wins a $25 gift sertifikit OR the sponsership of a Best Frends cat in her name. But whut she'd reely love to win is the adorayshun of a hot mancat. Any takers????


Honorable Menshun Purrsunuls Ad:
, hoo fownd love with Momo!


Luxor's Valentine to Lucky

As we've come to ixpekt, Luxor challenjes owr persepshuns of whut a valentine shood be. Lucky is Lucky to have a grate valentine like Lux. Prize TBD.


Spiciest Vixin
WINNER: Kaze's Valentine to Mao
Rocky asked to sponsor a new category win he saw Kaze's racy video. He watched it more than Mao did! Kaze wins a $25 gift sertifikit OR the sponsership of a Best Frends cat in her name.


... And now,





Jeter's Valentine to Lilly Lu

Heer are sum of the judjes comments:

"One of a kind"
"Not the most polished of all the valentines, but vary hartfelt."
"He is vary skilled at love poetrey. Hoo else cood have fownd a rime for "bosox red"?
"I loved the littul annymated heart arownd the logos on the caps."
"Far and away the most orijinul."
"What the....?"

we hereby award the grand prize to Jeter Harris and his valentine, Lilly Lu. Jeter wins both a $25 Amazon gift sertifikit for him (or the sponsership of a Best Frends cat in his name) AND a $25 Amazon gift sertifikit for Lilly Lu (or the sponsership of a Best Frends cat in her name).

Honorable Menshun:
Karl and Ruis's Valentines

Thanks to everyone who participated and made this a suksessful contest! I will be in tuch with the winners over the next few days to arranje for yer prizes!


Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Wow! We are honoured to share the prize for best static Valentine! *blush*

Congratulations to all the winners! A big congratulations to the grand prize winners, Jeter Harris and Lilly Lu!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the jury for Karl and I's "Honorable Mention"!! WOW!! I personally felt me a winner from the moment Karl asked me. :)

Congratulations to all the winners!! I hope many winners choose to sponsor a kitty...

...Because all who entered this contest is already a winner -- feeling love and beloved is the best prize there is!