Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ariel's Valentine to Mao

My Blog:Ariel

Empress' Valenties to Chase


For my's mighty hunter Chase froms his little Egyptian charmer kitty Empress. Me does belly dance fits for the Sultan you is.

Isis Valentines to her tummy full of kittens!

To all the kittens growing in my tummy
Be good and soon I'll be your Mummy! :)

Purrs of love,

Tigmut'hep's Valentine for Bonnie

Oh Bonnie my beauty,
With raven black fur,
From the moment I first saw you,
My heart it did stir!

Happy Valentines Day My Beauty!

Your One and Only,

Ramses Valentine to Marie

For *My Marie* on our Second Valentine's Day together...

From your ever loving Mancat...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ruis's Answer to Karl


Ruis from Kattenpraat's Catwalk

Karl's Proposal to Ruis

karl's proposal

Karl from The Cat Realm

To My Beloved, Ghost

There is a gentle lady cat named Ghost
Whom I love much more than most
She's sweeter than spice
And so loving and nice
I will love her the rest of my life

Ghost is so beautiful, pretty and white.
I could look at her all day and all night.
She is as pure as her white fur,
And has a soft, loving purrr,
Being with her, it does me excite!

Thanks to the blogger who did the graphic for me

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It's time for the 2nd Annual VD Contest and Matchup!!!!!!

This is a venyoo for proklaming yer love for that speshul sumwun, or to let the werld know yer looking for love (Angus, are yoo lissening?)

  1. Best in Show
    Overall faverit amung all entries.
    PRIZE: $50 Amazon Gift Sertifikit OR sponsership of TWO Best Frends Animuls in yer and yer sweethart's name.

  2. Best Valentine: Static Content
    (Photos and images, poetry, lyrics, etc.)
    PRIZE: $25 Amazon Gift Sertifikit OR sponsership of a Best Frends Animul in yer name.

  3. Best Valentine: Multimedia Content
    (Animayshuns, Videeyos, Myoosik, etc.)
    PRIZE: $25 Amazon Gift Sertifikit OR sponsership of a Best Frends Animul in yer name.

  4. Best Purrsunuls Ad:
    PRIZE: $25 Amazon Gift Sertifikit OR sponsership of a Best Frends Animul in yer name.

Rools and other stuff:
  • Winners annownst on FEB 14.
  • Only one entry per cat or NOMSS frend. All cats/NOMSS frends in a howsehold may enter.
  • Only one prize will be awarded per entry.
  • All entrants MUST have eether a blog or a Catster/Dogster ID.
  • Yoo do not need to say whut category yer in, cuz we'll figyer it owt.
  • Yoo may reevize yer entry up until the time the kontest closes.
  • Don't wate until the last minit to enter. Last yeer thare were a cuppul of cats with videeyo problims, and they reely had to skrambul to find sumwun to help them. The FL is reely bizzy at her daytime hunting place and will try to help, but it may take a day or two for her to git to it.
  • I can change the roolz anytime I wunt cuz it's my contest.
  • Keep it G-rated. Thare are kittins arownd, yoo know.
  • Thare will be a distingwisht and imparshul panel of judges.
  • Depending on the number of entries, thare may be voting open to the publik to narrow down the entries to finulists.
  • Judges deesizhuns are finul.

The username and passwerd are posted at the top of the rite sidebar on my blog.
Log in to blogger using that username and passwerd, then post yer entry.


Title must be in the following format:

for valentines: [yer name]'s Valentine to [yer valentine's name]
EXAMPLE: Skeezix's Valentine to Daisy

for purrsunul ads: [yer name or deskripshun] seeking [whut yer looking for]
EXAMPLE: Rocky seeking hot gerl cat for harem


At the bottum of yer entry, yoo must purrvide a link to yer blog or Catster page so that we can kontakt yoo for yer prizes. Entries withowt links will be ineligibul for prizes.
EXAMPLE: My blog: